Monday, 4 February 2013

How to create Html Lists


There are three kinds of lists in HTML:
Unordered lists <UL></UL>
Ordered lists <OL></OL>
Definition lists <DL></DL>

Unordered Lists

This list starts with an opening list <UL> tag and ends the list with a closing list </UL> tag. Between the <UL> and </UL>, you enter the <LI> (list item) tag followed by the individual item; no closing </LI> tag is needed. For example:
<LI> Name </LI>
<LI> Phone </LI>
<LI> ID </LI>
In the web browser the above code would appear three elements as:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • ID

Ordered Lists

An orderered list is similar to an unordered list, except it uses <OL> instead of <UL>:
<LI>Hight School</LI>
<LI>Elemantory School</LI>
The output is:
    1. College
    2. Hight School
    3. Elemantory School

Definition Lists

A definition list starts with <DL> and ends with </DL>. This list consists of alternating a definition term and a definition definition. The definition term is enclosed in <DT> </DT> and should precede the definition definition. The definition definition is enclosed in <DD> </DD>. So, a whole definition list looks like:
<DT> term </DT>
<DD> definition </DD>
<DT> term </DT>
<DD> definition </DD>

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