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How to create Frame using html


With frames, you can put a number of HTML pages into a single window, each of frame can display a page. frames start and end with the <FRAMESET></FRAMSET> tags. The <FRAMESET> tag can have two modifiers: ROWS and COLS to define how big the frames will be. For example:
<frameset rows="64,*">
<frame name="banner" scrolling="no" noresize 
         target="contents" src="top.htm">  
<frameset cols="150,*">
<frame name="contents" target="main" 
<frame name="main" src="home.htm">
<p>This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't 
support them.</p>
Let's explain each element:
rows="64,*" means that the the first frame will take up 64 rows of the window and the second frame will take up the rest. An asterisk means that the row will take up whatever space is left. You can use percentage to replace length. For example: cols="30%,60%"
<frame> defines each individual frame.
name="..." gives the frame a name.
src="..." tells which page will be loaded in the frame.
target="..." allows you to make links appear in specific frames or windows.
scrolling="yes|no|auto" allows you to control the scroll bars on the frame. "yes" forces the frame to always have scroll bars. "no" forces the frame to never have scroll bars. "auto" allows the browser to decide if scroll bars are necessary. The default value is "auto".
noresize allows you to keep the frame from being resizable by the viewer.
</noframes> is used to create a frameless alternate. When the page is viewed by a browser that does not support frames, everything EXCEPT what is between the </noframes> tags is ignored.
There are also some "magic" TARGETs.
"_blank" will always open the link in a new window.
"_top" will open the link in the whole page, instead of in a single frame.
"_self" makes the link open in the frame it's called from. This is useful when the <BASE...> tag is used.
"_parent" opens the link in the immediate frameset parent of the frame the link is called from.
     <A HREF="ah.html" TARGET="_blank">text</A>
And, TARGET can also be added to the <FORM> tag to make the output from the script got to the specified frame or window.


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